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1319 270th Ave.

Halstad, MN  56548

Augustana Council

President: Brett Holte

Vice President: Nathan Redland

Secretary: Stacy Christianson

Treasurer: Angela Mickelson

Financial Secretary: Kathy Mickelson

Deacons: Ken Mickelson, Robin Stene

Board of Trustees: Ken Mickelson, Brandon Mickelson, Steven Anderson

Board of Education: Stacy Christianson

Auditor: Faye Stene

Cemetery Sextons: Brett Holte, Greg Schilling

Nominating Committee: Sandy Anderson, Kerry Redland, Tracy Holte

Synod Delegates: Kindlee Christianson, Chad Christianson

Custodians: Ken Mickelson, Steven Anderson

Head Usher: Chad Christianson

Park Committee: Steven Anderson, Nathan Redland

Altar Committee: Kathy Mickelson, Tracy Holte, Kerry Redland

Pianist: Philip Dowdell

HLC Delegate: Tracy Holte

Substitute Pianists: Emily Finney, Stacy Christianson


304 5th St E

Halstad, MN  56548

List of Carillon Songs Below

Halstad Council

President: Donna Scholl

Vice President:

Secretary: Heidi Horn

Treasurer/Fin Sec: Cheryl Johnson

Memorial Secretary: Alli Tice

Deacons: Gaylord Christianson, Chad Tice, Jackie Hellerud

Board of Trustees: Darin Johnson, Dean Nelson

Board of Education:

Cemetery Committee: Gaylord Christianson, Dave Rufsvold, Randy Paulsrud

Grounds Committee: Pam Vandermeer, Jackie Hellerud

Audit Committee: Ron Gotteberg, Stacey Hellerud

Nominating Committee: HLC Congregation

Synod Delegates:

Pianist: Philip Dowdell

Substitute Pianist: Emily Finney


321 Main St. E

Hendrum, MN  56550

Immanuel Council

President: Faye DeLong

Vice President: Del Schnabel

Secretary: Cindy Todd

Treasurer: Tod Harrington

Deacon: Amy Sweeney

Board of Education: Bonnie Scholl

Board of Trustees: Mike Smart

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